If you’re coming in from out of town, you are welcome to practice with us for however long you’re in New York. Your first week’s workouts are even free! After your first week, we ask that you pay the drop-in fee. You must be a member of the U.S. governing body (USMS, USA Water Polo, USA Diving, USA Synchronized Swimming). You will also need to show some form of valid government-issued photo identification to get past building security.

Our full practice & workout schedule calendar is always updated with any last-minute changes, so keep an eye on it. We also have directions to all facilities. Any questions? Drop us a line at mail@tnya.org.

WATER POLO PLAYERS — You must be added an access list for security before attending practice at Columbia University. To be added to the access list, contact our water polo team staff here.

DIVERS — You must email proof of USA Diving to our coach (diving@tnya.org) before coming to practice.

SYNCHRONISTS — Please contact us before coming to a workout.