When: Saturday, December 2, starting at 6.30pm and ending at 9.30pm with an after-party to follow! 

Where: St. Bartholomew’s Church, 325 Park Avenue. The Banquet will be located on the 3rd floor of the Community House, in Rooms 32 and 33. 

What: Enjoy a hearty buffet meal with a choice of three entrees, salads, and plentiful carbs alongside a full open bar as we celebrate TNYA’s successful year and recognize the achievements of our members.

Who: YOU!! Any TNYA member, significant other, or friend of TNYA is welcome to attend.

Cost: $100 per person. Tickets can be purchased via Mindbody. Members have the option to purchase one or two tickets; if you would like to purchase additional tickets, email mindbody@tnya.orgPlease buy your tickets before November 22 as we must confirm final numbers with the caterer.

Nominate members for awards! We want to hear from you – who was your TNYA of the Year? Nominate members you believe deserve recognition via this formAll nominations must be received by Wednesday, November 22.

Sponsorship: We encourage members who are able to consider purchasing Sponsor’s tickets for the Banquet (by choosing the option in Mindbody). The sponsorship amount is tax deductible, and every contribution helps keep TNYA’s activities as accessible as possible as we continue to rebuild after the pandemic!!!