TNYA’s swimming program constitutes one of the largest LGBT masters team in the world and one of the largest masters swim teams in the country. Our swim program continues to recover following the global disruption of COVID-19, and we are continuing to increase the number of our scheduled practices as more swimmers return to the pool.

Our membership spans all levels of experience, from enthusiastic beginners to swimmers who compete on an international level. Some of us swim to train for races; some of us never race at all, and are here for the exercise and the camaraderie. Either approach is fine with us — although many of us train with the competition season in mind, our coaching program is designed to give everyone a rewarding workout that meets their personal goals.

Every practice features a structured workout directed by a member of our experienced coaching staff. Our coaches also provide swimmers with individual attention geared toward polishing their technique to improve speed and efficiency and avoid injury.

The average pace in Speed Swimming is 100 yards in an average of less than 2 minutes for an entire practice (1-2 hours). If you cannot maintain that pace, then the appropriate program for you may be our intermediate swim clinic, “Low Pressure Zone.” Our goal is to meet you where you are.

All participants be members of the US Masters Swimming and Team New York Aquatics. Both organizations offer trial memberships, which you can access by following these instructions for joining the team. Under the terms of our pool rental agreements and insurance policies, it is essential that you join TNYA and book your workout before you arrive at the pool.

For your first workout — pick anything off our workout schedule that’s convenient — we recommend that you arrive 20 minutes early. You will be greeted by a “gatekeeper.” Tell the gatekeeper that you are a new swimmer, and the gatekeeper will take care of the rest.

If you’ve never taken part in an organized swim practice before, you may find this intro to swim etiquette useful.