We are excited to announce that, in April, we were awarded a grant from U.S. Masters Swimming & USA Swimming Foundation to fund Adult Learn-to-Swim lessons! We plan to offer subsidized Adult Learn-to-Swim lessons, our beginner’s swimming clinics, starting July 1! If you do not know how to swim, this program is for you! If you are interested in volunteering to support our Adult Learn-to-Swim program this year, please reach out to us at: mail@tnya.org

We encourage our members and the greater aquatics community to support the USMS Adult Learn-to-Swim grant program through the USMS & Swim.com Fitness Series Fundraisers. We participated in the USMS & Swim.com Summer Fitness Challenge (ran June 1-15) and we will also participate in the USMS & Swim.com Fall Fitness Challenge (registration now open & challenge runs October 1-15). If you want more information about participating in the fitness challenge as a TNYA member, please reach out to us at: mail@tnya.org

As reopening continues, we have a new summer schedule for our practice, workout & clinics starting July 1. There are will be in-person aquatic events & competitions in the city and out- 1of-town throughout the spring & summer! The list below are a few upcoming events in the city and out of town. This is not an exhaustive list. If you would like to have any events added to this list, please reach out to us to let us know. If you would like to connect with teammates to participate together in these events, reach out to us at: mail@tnya.org

Upcoming Spring & Summer Events (in chronological order):

Later this year:

The warm weather is upon us and the city is reopening soon so let’s get some fun outings on the calendar! If you have an interest in organizing or leading a group outing or trip to any of the upcoming events listed above, virtual events (such as watching the Olympics), or local gatherings at parks or beaches, please reach out to us at: mail@tnya.org