General Information

Location: Seahorse Fitness Swim Club, Masaryk Towers Recreation Center, 69 Columbia Street, New York, New York 10002 (between Delancey Street and Rivington Street in the Lower East Side section of Manhattan)

Directions: Take F/J/M/Z Train to Delancey Street/Essex Street Station on Lower East Side. As an alternative, take the B/D Train to Grand Street on the Lower East Side or take the M14D Bus to Lower East Side and get off at Columbia Street at Rivington Street. From the subway, walk east on Delancey Street (B/D station is two blocks south of Delancey Street at intersection of Grand Street and Chrystie Street) to Columbia Street (next to the Williamsburg Bridge towards the East River). Turn north (right) on Columbia Street. Enter Masaryk Towers Complex through the gated entrance on the west side of the Columbia Street at intersection with Rivington Street. Enter Seahorse Swim Club through double doors on the west side of building at 69 Columbia Street (through the courtyard on the opposite side of the building from Columbia Street).

Gender Neutral Bathrooms: Unknown.

Bicyclists: Bike parking options available inside of the gated security perimeter (use at your own risk). CitiBike station is also located directly outside of the gated security perimeter at the intersection of Columbia Street and Rivington Street.

COVID Policies & Procedures

Masks are required when entering the building, locker room, and on deck. Sign-in is required for contact tracing. There is a temperature self-check machine. Seahorse Fitness Swim Club is located inside the Masaryk Towers Complex which is a gated community with restricted access into the complex. The main gate is located at the intersection of Columbia Street and Rivington Street on the west side of the Columbia Street. You must pass security in order to get access into the complex. If you still have an orange “TNYA” badge, please present the badge to security. If you do not have a badge, tell security that you are a member of “Team New York Aquatics.” We will make arrangements to distribute more badges at water polo and artistic swimming practices.

For more information about the facility, visit their website at: www.seahorseswimclub.com