If a practice is full, you may join the waitlist. Mindbody automatically moves you from the waitlist into the practice as slots open up, until just before the 2-hour mark before practice. If you join the waitlist and then do not want to attend the practice, please remove yourself from the waitlist.

Here is how to view the waitlist (and remove yourself) on the web:

1. Go to the Mindbody store and log in.

2. Click on the My Info tab.

3. Click Profile and check that all notification options are enabled (i.e. check all the boxes that are unchecked below). If you leave any of these boxes unchecked, you may be added to the practice without warning.

4. Once you’ve checked all the boxes, click on My Schedule.

5. Click on Waitlist (#). *# indicates the number of different practices for which you are on the waitlist.

6. The My Wait List screen provides the details of each class you’ve waitlisted. The wait list position for each will show in the Wait List Position column. If you want to take yourself off the waitlist, click “cancel.”

Your waitlist position can be viewed on the Mindbody smartphone app by selecting the practice for which you are waitlisted on the home screen: your position is shown at the top of the page.

Click the “Cancel” button on this screen to remove yourself from the waitlist.

Historically, a full TNYA practice usually has at least one late cancellation or no-show; if you are 1st or 2d on the waitlist at the 2-hour mark (when the system will stop moving people into practice automatically), it may be worthwhile to attend practice anyway. If there are more walk-ups than slots, walk-ups will be prioritized in waitlist order.