Many of our members with subscriptions find it much more convenient to sign up for TNYA practices using the Mindbody app. Here’s how.

#1: Download the Mindbody App

It’s listed as “Mindbody: Fitness, Salon & Spa.” But you can also just scan these QR codes:

Apple Devices

Scan the QR code below, or use the link to access the Apple App Store.

Download on the App Store

Android Devices

Use the link below to access the Google Play Store.

Get it on Google Play

#2: Log Into Your Mindbody Profile

Once you’ve installed and opened the app, select “Profile” at the bottom of the home screen and log in using your Mindbody account you used to sign up for TNYA.

#3: Find Team New York Aquatics

After you’ve logged in, tap the “Search” button at the bottom of the App, then search for Team New York Aquatics.

#4: Go to the TNYA Schedule

Optional: consider favoriting TNYA (especially if you have no other Mindbody clubs you work out at). This puts the team at the top of your app homepage and makes it much easier to sign up for practices. Just tap the ♥️ next to TNYA’s name on our profile page.

Either way, tap View Schedule.

#5: Find Your Practice

The app will show you the practices happening each day and give you various options.

Book: You can book this practice!

Canceled: We have canceled the practice. The Mindbody schedule is the authoritative schedule for our practices and is always kept up to date.

Waitlist: The practice is full but the waitlist is open. As folks cancel, you will be moved up the waitlist and may be entered into the practice. For more about the waitlist, see this guide.

Details: You can’t book this practice for one of the following reasons.

It’s more than 7 days before the practice. All practices are bookable only 7 days out.

You aren’t a member of the relevant Sport Governing Body. To swim with us, you must be a USMS member; to play water polo, you must be a USAWP member; to do synchro, you must be a USAAS member. 

If you don’t have the relevant membership, you must sign up via the links at (under Step 2) and email your proof of membership to Proof of membership is processed manually and may take up to 24 hours. Please keep this in mind when booking.

You aren’t a TNYA member: After your free 30-day trial, you must purchase a paid annual TNYA membership in addition to your NGB membership and your per-practice subscription or pass (the TNYA membership covers admin expenses; your per-practice subscription/pass covers pool rental). You can buy a membership at (under Step 1). 

#6: Book and Pay For Your Practice

Tap “Book” and you will see the below screen. Be sure you select the payment method you want to use – Mindbody defaults to using your passes (per-practice charges) ahead of your subscription (1x etc. per week). Once you’ve chosen the payment you want, tap Book at the bottom and you are all set!

Note: You can buy per-practice passes via the app by tapping “Pay With” and selecting the relevant option, but you can only purchase 1x/2x/3x/unlimited subscriptions via our website at using a non-smartphone. If you want to pay with your practice with your subscription, buy a subscription using a computer, then return to this step.

#7: Canceling Practice

Once you’ve booked a practice, it will show up on your home screen. Tap on it. (You can slide along to see all the practices you’ve booked.)

You will get a Class Detail screen. Tap “Cancel” at the bottom and you will cancel the practice.

If you cancel less than 2 hours before the start time, you will be billed as if you attended the practice. For three specific practices (Swimming at John Jay on Monday 7pm, Wednesday 7pm, and Saturday 11am) that are currently extremely overcrowded, an additional penalty may apply. See this FAQ for more details.

Please remember that if you are on the waitlist and no longer want to attend practice, you must cancel on Mindbody