Are you visiting from out of town? Please see our information for visitors.

Baruch College (BC)

‘Vertical Campus’ building, 24th Street & Lexington Ave, Manhattan

#6, N, or R Train to 23rd Street. Enter on 24th Street and tell the security guard you’re with TNYA. Pool is in the basement.

Please note that swim caps are required for all swimmers using the Baruch facilities.

Bicyclists: There are several bike racks outside the building entrance on 24th Street.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms: We don’t have this information yet. Feel free to let us know if you find out.

Columbia University (CU)

Dodge Fitness Center, Broadway and 116th Street, Manhattan

#1 train to 116 St. Enter the campus at the Main Gate at Broadway & 116th St. Proceed down College Walk to the steps in front of Low Library (large domed building with columns). Go up steps and keep walking on left (west side) of Low Library until you see the lion statue. Beyond the statue is the entrance to Dodge Fitness Center, down a flight of stairs below a red flashing sign. At turnstiles, tell the person at the desk you are there to swim with TNYA. You are on the 4th floor of the fitness center. The pool is on the first floor.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms: There is one gender neutral ADA accessible bathroom and shower area located on the second floor just inside the Blue Gym stretching area.

Bicyclists: We are advised that “the Columbia campus is generally a safe place to leave your bike–properly locked up of course with a heavy-duty lock! Also, there’s a bike rack on the brick walkway to the right just before the stairs leading to the entrance of the Dodge Fitness Center. There are other bike racks scattered around campus, but don’t lock your bike to any hand rails you see–Columbia doesn’t like it!”

Flushing Meadows Aquatic Center (FMAC)

Flushing Meadows Athletic Complex, Queens

#7 Train to Willets Point (Shea Stadium). Walk south across the boardwalk towards Corona Park. When you descend the ramp, there will be a bunch of flag-poles; hang a hard left, walking along New York Ave. You’ll have tennis courts on either side of you followed by some golf/minigolf on your right. Turn right on Perimeter Road (aka Flushing Meadows Corona Park Rd), cross over a bridge, and the Aquatics Center will reveal itself on your right.

It’s a brisk 15 minute walk from the station; please factor this in when planning your travel.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms: We don’t have this information yet. Feel free to let us know if you find out.

Long Island University (LIU)

Flatbush and DeKalb Avenues, Brooklyn

#2, 3, 4, or 5 Trains to Nevin St., or the B, Q, or R Train to Dekalb. Use the Flatbush Avenue entrance at the corner of Dekalb. Follow the hall and turn left through the double doors into the gymnasium. Stay straight and exit immediately on the right back outside into the courtyard. Cross to the glass doors on the opposite side. Pass the foyer and turn left down one flight of stairs. The locker rooms are around the corner.

Please note that swim caps are required for all swimmers using the LIU facilities and that you must shower before getting in the pool.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms: There is a bathroom outside the physical therapy clinic that is gender neutral in the cellar. There is also one in the hallway where the student locker rooms are if you go through the double doors.

Bicyclists: After you walk past the guard gate and before you head into the swim complex, there are bike racks immediately to your left.

Athletics Center at Convent of the Sacred Heart (CSH)

406 E 91st Street, Manhattan

Q Train to 96 St., or the #4 or 6 Train to 96 St. Walk to 91st Street between 1st and York Avenues. More information to come.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms: There is a family changing room just around the corner from Security.

Bicyclists: Bike parking options are pretty thin on this block, apparently. Nearest Citibike stops are about 3 blocks away.