During physically interactive events such as water polo practices, tournaments, or any situation where people could be injured, all participants are to avoid excessive physical contact and should act to ease tensions and de-escalate conflict. Any intentional actions that could result in pain or injury to another person are forbidden at all times in any situation.

In water polo, excessive physical contact includes holding, kicking, pushing, throwing a ball at someone with the potential or intent to cause injury, or similar actions, depending on the situation. Incidental contact may occur during active play and only minimal contact should occur when there is no active play.

Should an injury occur, when necessary, the practice or event will be temporarily suspended to determine what occurred and what assistance the injured person requires. If this occurred due to the actions of another person, that person will be asked to apologize before they continue their participation. If the injury was due to malicious, overly aggressive or unsportsmanlike conduct, the person who caused the injury will be asked to leave the event and further steps will be taken to determine what must be done to ensure that person can return to practice without posing a threat of injury to other players.