TNYA’s water polo team, launched in 1991, is a co-ed Masters water polo team based in New York City. TNYA features players of a wide range of age and ability and welcomes both newcomers and those who have played competitively for years. The squad competes locally, nationally, and internationally, most notably at the IGLA championships and Gay Games.

See the schedule for practice times and our pool directory for directions to team practices. You will need to be both a member of TNYA and USA Water Polo to book and attend practices. Any USA Water Polo player membership is accepted (College/Young Professional, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Trial). Free Trial TNYA membership is available; instructions for joining TNYA are available here.

We strongly welcome beginners as well as returning water polo players. To ensure a safe and productive practice for everyone, however, all participants must be able to swim at least 100 yards in under 2 minutes consistently over a 90-minute workout. If you cannot swim at this level yet, you can improve your swimming skills in our Low Pressure Zone Program. All participants are expected to follow the team’s Code of Conduct, in particular its policies on excessive physical contact. This basic overview of the game might also be useful. It’s a great time — we hope to see you soon!

More questions? You can contact us here.