Team New York Aquatics (TNYA) is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment where all individuals are treated with respect. As a condition of membership or participation in any TNYA activity, all TNYA members and activity participants must adhere to the code of conduct set out below.

TNYA members must comply with:

  1. The TNYA anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policy, including its associated mandatory reporting obligations.
  2. The TNYA bylaws.
  3. The provisions of the U.S. Center for SafeSport Code for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement, irrespective of which sporting disciplines TNYA members engage in.
  4. Other member policies TNYA may adopt from time to time, as well as the terms of any contracts into which TNYA enters that serve to bind TNYA members (such as, for example, conditions on pool usage or insurance coverage). All such policies or terms shall be posted on our policies page.
  5. Policies applicable to TNYA members by virtue of their membership in one or more of the national governing bodies of which TNYA is a member: U.S. Masters Swimming Inc., U.S.A. Water Polo Inc., or U.S.A. Artistic Swimming Inc.
  6. All safety instructions given by the coach on deck and the facility in which the practice is held. During physically interactive events such as water polo events, open water swims, or any situation where the risk of injury is enhanced, all participants must avoid excessive physical contact and act in a manner that eases tensions and de-escalates conflict. Any intentional actions that could result in pain or injury to another person are forbidden at all times.

TNYA members must make a reasonable effort to:

  1. Create an inclusive environment by welcoming new members, introducing ourselves to teammates, and listening to one another.
  2. Speak kindly to one another and stay positive, even through difficult workouts and conflicts with teammates and the coaching staff.
  3. Treat all staff members at the facilities TNYA rents with courtesy and respect.
  4. Take due care of their health and wellbeing when participating in TNYA activities. Aquatic sports have a variety of risks that all TNYA members voluntarily assume by participating in TNYA activities; members themselves are by far the best placed to minimize these risks by behaving responsibly and thoughtfully.
  5. Encourage and support each other with sportsmanlike conduct at all practices and competitions. Applaud and cheer for teammates and refrain from losing composure in the face of disappointment. Appeal to the coaches when there are disagreements with the decisions of an official.
  6. Maintain proper lane etiquette as outlined by this guide. Coaches will arbitrate lane etiquette and will arrange swimmers by lane to keep practices flowing smoothly.
  7. Practice safe and responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages in social situations associated with TNYA events.
  8. Respect the confidentiality of personal or privileged information. Such information should only be shared with consent and according to law.
  9. Respect the property of other participants, TNYA, and the pools we use.
  10. Provide reasonable support and assistance to TNYA by volunteering and attending General Meetings, consistent with members’ time, resources, and extent of participation in TNYA activities. TNYA is run almost exclusively by volunteers; the benefits we all gain from TNYA cannot exist without members dedicating their time to assist their fellow members.

TNYA members participating in water polo must comply with the following policy on excessive physical contact:

In water polo, excessive physical contact includes holding, kicking, pushing, throwing a ball at someone with the potential or intent to cause injury, or similar actions, depending on the situation. Incidental contact may occur during active play and only minimal contact should occur when there is no active play.

Should an injury occur, when necessary, the practice or event will be temporarily suspended to determine what occurred and what assistance the injured person requires. If this occurred due to the actions of another person, that person will be asked to apologize before they continue their participation. If the injury was due to malicious, overly aggressive or unsportsmanlike conduct, the person who caused the injury will be asked to leave the event and further steps will be taken to determine what must be done to ensure that person can return to practice without posing a threat of injury to other players.

TNYA’s water polo activities are subject to the rules governing conduct promulgated by USA Water Polo Inc.

Breaches of this Code of Conduct
Any participant or member is encouraged to report breaches of this Code of Conduct by using our contact form. All reports will be investigated and, if appropriate, referred to the proper authorities.

Pursuant to the TNYA Bylaws, the Board of Directors has the authority to bar any person from participation in TNYA activities either for a specific period or indefinitely, if (among other reasons) that person has breached this Code of Conduct in a manner that did or would likely have harmed TNYA or another person. Indefinite or long-term exclusion from TNYA activities will be imposed only after following the guidelines for due process set forth in the TNYA bylaws.

If you have any questions or concerns about health and safety at TNYA, or wish to report misconduct, please contact us.