What is Pink Flamingo and March Madness?

Pink Flamingo has became an aquatics tradition in the LGBTQ+ inclusive athletic community since the first Gay Games in 1982. It is a combination of cosplay, pride parade, and aquatics athleticism that is the showcase of every International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics Championships (IGLA). For IGLA 2019, we want to show the world just how much pride TNYA has for the legacy of the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, and how honored we are that WorldPride is bringing people from all over the world to celebrate this anniversary with us.

Our very own wonderfully talented Andy Anson is leading TNYA Pink Flamingo this year. Andy is kicking off TNYA March Madness on Tuesday, March 19 to recruit teammates to sign-up to participate in our Pink Flamingo at IGLA 2019. The theme for our Pink Flamingo this year will be “MARVELous: A Stonewall Tribute,” a telling of the story of Stonewall portraying our community as superheros (and SHEros). While everyone else is watching NCAA basketball tournament, TNYA will be voting on the “Pink Flamingo Palooza and March Madness” Facebook event page wall for our favorite MARVEL character cosplay worn by our very own teammates and coaches. The first group practice for TNYA Pink Flamingo (Pink Flamingo Palooza!) will be at Baruch College on Saturday, April 27 starting at 3pm. To sign up for Pink Flamingo Palooza, and to vote in TNYA March Madness, use the Facebook event page throughout the month!

If you do not use Facebook, you can contact Andy by e-mail at: pinkflamingo@igla2019.org

For more general information about IGLA 2019 and IGLA 2019 Pink Flamingo, visit the IGLA 2019 website at igla2019.org.

The Official TNYA 2019 Pink Flamingo Poster is now on sale!

You can pre-order your poster here.