Once upon a January dreary, the swimmers pondered, weak and weary,
Over an annual and curious event in TNYA lore,
While the coaches, in collusion, increased distance, by profusion.
And the clock churned on and on, counting minutes by the score.
“’Tis some madness,” someone muttered, to the black line on the floor.
Quoth the Swimmers: “One hour more.”

Now, distinctly you remember, a note that went to every member
Providing detail of the ritual with intention to implore.
You may see it on the website; info there is always forthright.
And team missives, not uncertain, rapped upon your Gmail’s door.
“’Tis well-shown,” the teammates muttered, “and by now we know the score.”
Quoth the Announcer: “One memo more.”

Presently the team grew stronger; hesitating then no longer,
“Oh Coach,” cried they, “or lanemate, we have lots to answer for;
But the fact is we sandbagged it, as unfortunately is our habit.
And we’re filled with fantastic terrors that we never felt before.”
“’Tis the truth,” the coaches muttered, “and at this point, it means war. “
Quoth the Head Coach: “One hundred more.”

So the swimmers duly signed on, and tried in vain to keep their minds on,
The clock that charted progress from the aft deck to the fore.
With the rhythm then unbroken, they thought things as yet unspoken.
Dreaming dreams of yardage no mortal ever dared to dream before.
“’Tis so swift” spectators muttered, as the laps went on galore.
Quoth the Counter: “One 50 more.”

Soon the swim wound up beguiling all the players into smiling,
TNYA pride was wholly evident on the swimsuits that they wore.
While previously monsters, they now wrest dollars from their sponsors;
Philanthropy and charity from acquaintances did outpour.
“’Tis so fun,” participants muttered, “what to do as an encore?”
Quoth the Committee: “Raise some more!”

So while we don’t require you, this tale is to inspire you
And gain participation that was unmatched heretofore.
Do the swim or give donation, volunteer at one location;
The options truly endless for this mystery explore.
“Tis a tradition” said the Co-Chairs, “that is straight from TNYA’s core.”
Quoth the Directors: “Don’t ignore.”