Updated September 2, 2021.

All memberships and practices are purchased using MINDBODY. New and returning members should follow all the steps below.

Step 1: Join or renew for your Sport(s).

Please join or renew with your sport association(s). We are not currently offering Diving practices. These links send you to their respective websites.

Artistic Swimming

Click here to join or renew your U.S.A. Artistic Swimming membership.

Speed Swimming | LPZ Swim

Click here to join or renew your U.S. Masters Swimming membership.

Water Polo

Click here to join or renew your U.S.A. Water Polo membership.

Step 2: Join or renew your TNYA membership.

Choose one of the links below to add a membership to your MINDBODY cart.

Step 3: Wait for Sport Validation.

U.S.A. ARTISTIC SWIMMING | U.S. Masters Swimming | U.S.A. Water Polo

We must validate your governing sport membership on your MINDBODY account before you can book and attend practices. Email mindbody@tnya.org with your membership number(s). You will be notified within one week that your membership has been validated. We will send you an email to confirm validation. We must do this once per year for all members.

If you created a trial membership with the governing sport, all documentation must be sent to mindbody@tnya.org.

Step 4: Purchase practices.

Choose how you would prefer to pay for practices; either pay-per-practice or monthly subscription.

Artistic Swimming Practice Purchase Options

Speed Swimming Practice Purchase Options

Includes Speed Swimming and Low Pressure Zone (LPZ) Swim Practices.

Water Polo Practice Purchase Options

Step 5: Book your practice!

To book and attend passes, TNYA Membership and Sport Validation (Steps 1-3) are required.

Step 6: Manage Your account.

Web Browser

Use the links below to manage your account.

Apple Devices

Scan the QR code below, or use the link to access the Apple App Store. Download the app, then log in and search for “Team New York Aquatics.”
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Android Devices

Use the link below to access the Google Play Store. Download the app, then log in and search for “Team New York Aquatics.”
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