We use several platforms for communication. See details about these three systems and social media below.

1. Active Member Database (ClubAssistant)

ClubAssistant is for active members only.  We use this database to send our active members important account management announcements and emergency notifications.  To manage your ClubAssistant active member preferences, log into your ClubAssistant account here (if you have not yet created an account, follow the directions here).  If you have any technical issues with ClubAssistant, contact our Team Administrator at: admin@tnya.org

2. Weekly E-mail Newsletter (MailChimp)

The newsletter is for past and present members, as well as anyone else in our community that would like to receive weekly announcements.  We use this newsletter to keep our community informed with a weekly e-mail newsletter authored by our Team Manager.  To see the archive of recent newsletters, as well as subscribe to the newsletter, visit the archive here.  If you have any technical issues with this service (and/or would like for an announcement to be made to the team in the newsletter), contact our Team Manager at: mail@tnya.org

3. TNYA Community Mailing List (Google Groups)

The TNYA Community Mailing List is for unofficial communication among the membership. Do you have theatre tickets to unload? Are you in need of a cheap sublet? Looking for restaurant recommendations? Throwing a house party? This mailing list is for you.  Anyone can join, and posts are moderated.

To subscribe: Visit the TNYA Community group and choose “Subscribe to this Group.”

Social Media

We encourage everyone to follow our official team social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  On Facebook, we also have a public group for TNYA Water Polo, and a private group for the TNYA Community members.  On Instagram, our Synchronized Swimming team has two accounts: one for spotlights and features of our synchro team members, and another for artwork by a synchro team member.