Updated April 4, 2021.

NYC | Heritage of Pride
New York City | Heritage of Pride

Heritage of Pride has sponsored Team New York Aquatics’ Low Pressure Zone (LPZ) swim practices, Tuesdays, April 13 through June 29, 2021, at Sacred Heart Pool (406 E 91st St., Manhattan). This 90-minute clinic-style practice is perfect for beginners or former swimmers who wish to return to the sport. These workouts create a space for beginner swimmers to help them improve to be able to attend a masters-level swim practice, with a mission to attract new swimmers who have historically been excluded from pool access, including communities of color. 

New-Swimmer Instruction. Are you new to organized swim practices? Are you looking to learn the basics of how these things work? We’ll teach you everything you need to know in a relaxed, stress-free environment.

Slower-Interval Sets. The LPZ offers workouts using a 1:50 pace per 100 yards or slower, appropriate for beginners or for more experienced swimmers who for whatever reason want to ease back on the throttle.

Technique Clinics. While coaches are there to help swimmers improve their strokes at all our workouts, the LPZ provides weekly instruction on how to make all your strokes as efficient as possible. (As in, faster, but less exhausting. Efficient technique is everything in the water.)

LPZ Swim Membership Requirements

LPZ Swim Membership

The Heritage of Pride grant allows TNYA to offer LPZ Swim Practices for free!

For non-TNYA members, we are offering a special LPZ Swim Membership for free. This membership may only be used to book LPZ Swim Practices.

For TNYA Speed Swimming Members in good standing, you may book the LPZ Swim Practice for free. (Note: only the LPZ practice lanes are free; the other lanes are regular price. You must participate in the practice you book.)

U.S. Masters Swimming Membership

U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) Membership is required for LPZ Swim Practice. All participants must be USMS members. Click here to join or renew your U.S. Masters Swimming membership. Membership price is currently $60.

Also, we must manually add your USMS membership to your account before you can book practices. Please send your USMS Membership number to mindbody@tnya.org, and we will add to your account.

If you are new to the sport, and need financial assistance with the USMS Membership cost, please do not let the cost of USMS Membership prevent you from swimming LPZ! Instead, apply for a Fortoul Fellowship to have the cost reimbursed. We want you to get all the benefits of the Heritage of Pride LPZ and Fortoul Fellowship programs.

Book Your Practices

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, you must book practices two (2) hours before practice begins. The practice schedule is below. Only LPZ Swim Practices are available to book for free.

If you have booked, and cannot attend, please cancel so we know you are not coming. There is no penalty for canceling LPZ Swim Practices late.

If you have any trouble booking, please email mindbody@tnya.org.

Attending LPZ Practice

Review the Sacred Heart COVID Policies & Procedures before attending practice.

If you’ve never taken part in an organized swim practice before, please read this intro to swim etiquette.

You should bring:

  • Sacred Heart CrisisGo Health Check QR Code
  • Towel
  • Swim Goggles
  • Swim Cap
  • Swimsuit
  • Bag for your belongings

We recommend arriving 10-20 minutes early for your first LPZ practice. Tell the Gatekeeper you are there for the “LPZ” practice. The Gatekeeper will introduce you to the LPZ Coach. Please tell the Coach your swimming experience and whether you know how to read a swim workout.