BREAKING: Problems with the host facility have forced us to put the LPZ on temporary hiatus; we’ll have it back up and running as soon as we have a new place to put it, which we hope will be very soon indeed. Watch this space.

We’re very pleased offer a 60-minute Saturday workout especially for swimmers who want to swim at a slower pace.

Coached by Rachel Cutler and Jay Pulitano, the Low-Pressure Zone is held every Saturday at Hostos Community College (see the Schedule page for times), and it features:

New-Swimmer Instruction
Are you new to organized swim practices? Are you looking to learn the basics of how these things work? We’ll teach you everything you need to know in a relaxed, stress-free environment.

Slower-Interval Sets
The LPZ offers workouts using a 1:50 pace per 100 yards or slower, appropriate for beginners or for more experienced swimmers who for whatever reason want to ease back on the throttle.

Technique Clinics
While coaches are there to help swimmers improve their strokes at all our workouts, the LPZ provides weekly instruction on how to make all your strokes as efficient as possible. (As in, faster, but less exhausting. Efficient technique is everything in the water.)

The LPZ can be included in the free week of workouts we offer to anyone considering swim membership.