US Masters Swimming
The national governing body for adult competitive swimming. You must join US Masters to be a member of Team NY Aquatics. This page features contact information for many US Masters teams. It also contains an exhaustive USMS meet calendar.

USA Water Polo
The national governing body for water polo in the United States. You must join USA Water Polo to compete with our water polo team. Like that of USMS, this site provides links to other teams and all manner of resources for enthusiasts.

USA Diving
The national governing body for diving (youth and adult) in the United States. You must join USA Diving to compete with our diving team. Like that of USMS, this site provides links to other teams and all manner of resources for enthusiasts.

International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics
The international organizing body for…well, gay and lesbian aquatics. Includes swimmers, divers, water-polo players, and synchronists. (Synchronists may not be an actual word.) Holds an annual championship competition each year, except during Gay Games years. They maintain a complete directory of IGLA member teams worldwide, as well as a calendar of upcoming events.

The IGLA Mailing List at Yahoo! Groups
An automated mailing list open to all interested parties regarding general swimming; diving; and water polo. Features news and lively discussion of relevant issues.

Metro LMSC
The governing body for local Masters swimming. Often has meet entry forms and results available online, as well as a thorough listing of local upcoming swim meets. Their webmaster also maintains a Long-Island based swimmer’s and triathlete’s site, which includes what is billed as ‘the most comprehensive multisport calendar in the region.’

Team New York
Our local Gay Games/World Outgames umbrella group: purveyors of snazz uniforms, font of useful information, and general resource network for New York athletic and cultural groups going to the games.

The Federation of Gay Games
Governing body for the big homo-athletic shindig held every four years. In 2018, the Games will convene in Paris.

Out of Bounds
A non-profit, tax-exempt organization that supports and promotes sports and recreational organizations with interests in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community of the greater New York City area.

Swimmers Guide OnLine
An online guide to full-size, year-round pools in 55 countries: how big they are, when they’re open, how much it costs.

SwimSwam/Speedo Swim Time Converter
Useful formulae for converting your times. Long-course yards to short-course meters? Short-course meters to long course-yards? It’s right here.