Please note that the Adult Learn-to-Swim (ALTS) program is appropriate for those without basic lifesaving swimming skills to get themselves to safety if they were to fall into deep water. The final skills assessment for ALTS requires participants to jump confidently into deep water, tread water for at least a minute, float (back and front) for at least a minute, rhythmically breathe with a freestyle (front crawl) stroke (at least 25 yards), swim backstroke (at least 25 yards), and safely and confidently exit the pool from the deep end. If you already have these basic lifesaving skills, then the appropriate clinic program for you is our intermediate swim clinic program called Low Pressure Zone.

If you do not yet have these lifesaving skills, then ALTS is the appropriate program for you. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer our ALTS programming at this time due to our staffing shortage. We are referring everyone interested in ALTS to +Pool. Registration is now open for +Pool’s ALTS Program. We are also referring everyone interested in ALTS to Imagine Swimming.


In conjunction with a generous grant provided by U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) & USA Swimming Foundation Adult Learn-to-Swim Grant Program, we launched our new Adult Learn-To-Swim (ALTS) program pilot last year. The USMS/Swim.com Fitness Series is a fundraiser for the USMS ALTS Grant Program. USMS also used the reserves in the ALTS Grant Program fund to provide emergency relief in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. We received grant funding through this emergency relief grant program 2020. Combined, USMS has provided us with more than $7,000 in grant funding to help us weather the pandemic. We are extremely grateful for this financial support. We encourage the community to participate and support USMS/Swim.com Fitness Series.