Mitchell began swimming with TNYA in 2015, and he started coaching for TNYA later that year.

Placed into competitive swimming at age 5, Mitchell has been swimming for as long as he can remember. He has continued to swim competitively or recreationally ever since, seemingly unable to function properly without regularly being in the pool.

During four summers in high school, Mitchell was the coach of children under 8 years old at a local swim club. As a result, he now delights in working with beginning TNYA swimmers or anyone trying to develop proper stroke technique.

As a coach, Mitchell strives to use his years of swimming experience not only to write workouts that challenge swimmers in a variety of interesting ways, but also to offer instruction for all four strokes — not just his personal favorite, the backstroke. He particularly enjoys helping swimmers see improvements in their training times and in their stroke mechanics.

Mitchell loves being an active member of such a diverse, open, and supportive community, and you can find him at many of the team’s competitions, fundraising events, or social events.