TNYA Coaches: Jacek Słowikowski

Jacek_SłovikowskiJacek (say it: YOTT-sik) has been swimming competitively since he was 14, and joined TNYA in 2010. He learned how to swim in the lakes and rivers of New York, and after moving down south competed with the CCA Marlins of Roanoke, VA. He was an All-State butterflyer and a top-ten freestyler in high school, and then went to the University of Virginia, where he was president and coach of the club swim team for 4 years.

Jacek’s experience teaching swimmers from 6-year-olds to people over 60 gives him the ability to approach swim instruction from a variety of angles, improving stroke technique and efficiency to make swimming not only faster, but also more enjoyable. Trying to figure out flip turns? Fighting to get your hips higher in the water? Jacek can help.

Aside from swimming, Jacek’s two obsessions are health care and music. He has a Master’s of Public Health from Columbia and works to make health care more efficient and equitable. He’s also a classically trained pianist and currently produces electronic music in a variety of genres.