Brad started age-group swimming at 5 and continued through high school — but then he quit for 15 years. He discovered TNYA in 1991, a year after moving to New York, and was grateful to be back in the water. He set himself a goal: to compete in Gay Games IV, held in New York in 1994, and he has competed in every Gay Games and IGLA since. Because he had done some age-group coaching back in Nebraska and other forms of fitness training and coaching in other cities, he became a part of our coaching staff, and he has been a coach and instructor with TNYA for 16 years. Brad says, “I’m not always the best competitor, but the social aspect and love I’ve found within the team is what keeps me coming back.”

One thing we love about him is how he understands and appreciates those swimmers interested in fitness swimming only, who never plan to compete. Brad says he considers himself lucky to have worked with top-tier competitors and beginners alike in New York, Florida, and many other places around the world.