Due to the cancellation of the International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics Association’s (IGLA) 2021 Championships slated for Salt Lake City, Utah in May 2021, the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was also slated to be held in Salt Lake City during 2021 Championships, was also cancelled. To facilitate the annual board elections and the bidding process for 2023 Championships, the IGLA Board of Directors held the AGM virtually on October 16, 2021. To complicate matters further, on September 15, 2021, the Federation of the Gay Games and Gay Games Hong Kong Organizing Committee announced the postponement of Gay Games Hong Kong from 2022 to 2023.

Thank you to the IGLA Board of Directors for all of your hard work to make the AGM a success. Congratulations to Out To Swim London for winning the bid to host IGLA 2023! We are excited to attend the first IGLA Championships in the UK! Thank you to Sydney Wett Ones and Sydney Stingers Water Polo for bidding to host IGLA 2023 along with WorldPride 2023 in Sydney. We are sure to have a few teammates that visit Sydney for WorldPride. If you did not attend the meeting, we did discuss IGLA 2022, but the arrangements have not yet been finalized. The IGLA board is hard at work to arrange for a new host for IGLA 2022 since Gay Games 11 in Hong Kong has been postponed to 2023. As soon as we are ready to make an official announcement, we will provide everyone with an update. We look forward to seeing everyone in the pool soon!

General information about IGLA and Gay Games is available here.