Join Team New York Aquatics, New York City’s LGBTQ+ inclusive swim team, for our annual fundraiser, pool party, and open water swim in the Fire Island Pines! Address provided on RSVP.

The party starts at 1pm with an optional open water swim in the bay from the host venue to the FIP ferry and back (or, for those who prefer chlorine, hanging around the pool at the host’s place until the swimmers get back). Afterwards we’ll have a BBQ with an open bar ending in time for Tea. 

This event is TNYA’s major fundraiser for the year. All funds raised go to the Paul Fortoul Fellowship Fund, which provides financial support for LGBTQ+ persons who would otherwise be unable to swim in the City.

You can purchase your ticket below or via Zeffy. Note that Zeffy will automatically suggest an optional additional payment to support the Zeffy platform; this is an optional charge you can remove by selecting “Other” and “$0” on the checkout screen.

Note: Although we will do our best to make sure the swim is as safe as possible, you agree that the swim is swum at your own risk, and agree to the terms of TNYA’s Participation Agreement and Liability Waiver