From left: Paul Fortoul, Charlie Carson, and C.A. Hutton at NYC Pride March, 2002.
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TNYA provides financial aid to those who wish to swim with us but are unable to afford the practice fees through the Paul Fortoul Fellowship Program. The Program is named in memory of our beloved late coach, swimmer and mentor Paul Fortoul (1958-2007).

The program provides financial assistance to team members without means to participate in our programs. Funds may also be used to provide financial assistance for practices and clinics as well as defray costs associated with attending swim camps or paying TNYA’s annual membership fee. The program is funded by donations, 100% of which go directly towards the stated goals of the program.


Applications to the Fortoul Fellowship are now closed, but will re-open for the September-December cycle on September 1, 2024. Applicants must have valid national governing body membership as well as a TNYA paid membership in order to receive a fellowship grant.

Fellowships are funded to last for three months, with applications opening for a 10-day window before each fellowship period on the following schedule:

  • March 1-10, for fellowships lasting March 15-June 14
  • June 1-10, for fellowships lasting June 15-September 14
  • September 1-10, for fellowships lasting September 15-December 15
  • December 1-10, for fellowships lasting December 15-March 14

Applicants may apply, and be funded, any number of times, and in any amount. While an application window is open, you may apply by completing this fellowship application form. The form will not accept responses between application windows.

Although TNYA aspires to fund all applications, financial limitations prevent us from doing so. Applications are evaluated using an objective points-based system in which the primary considerations are the applicant’s demonstrated financial need and maximizing the number of members fellowships can support. Secondary considerations, invoked only when the primary criteria do not provide a sufficient basis to distinguish between candidates, include service to the team and to LGBTQ+ aquatics more generally.


To contribute to the program, you can donate to TNYA using

Contributions to the program are tax-deductible as permissible by law. Please talk to a tax professional for details.