Annual Membership Dues

To join our team, you must pay annual membership dues to the team directly, and purchase a membership from one of the governing bodies for masters aquatics competition.

TNYA Annual Membership

The 12-month membership fee for TNYA is $75.

A 14-day Free Trial Membership is available, which includes two (2) practices.

Join or renew TNYA Membership using MINDBODY.


In order to practice with Team New York Aquatics, you need to be a member of the national body for your sport — US Masters Swimming, USA Diving, USA Water Polo, or USA Artistic Swimming. The annual fees for these organizations vary. Each of them also offer a free trial membership.

Validation of governing body membership is required to purchase practices.

Our pools permit us to rent and utilize their facilities based on the assumption that everyone is registered with a national body of the sport, which provides our insurance coverage. Please keep your memberships up to date and renew it regularly. Your membership must be validated on your MINDBODY account once per year to attend practice.

Practice Fees

Pay-Per-Practice Fees

Pay-per-practice fees are based on the sport and length of practice.

Artistic Swimming1.5 or 2.0 hours$40
Speed Swimming/LPZ1.0, 1.25, or 1.5 hours$30
Water Polo1.5 or 2.0 hours$40
Pay Per Practice Fees

MONTHLY Subscription PLANS

We also currently are offering the following monthly subscription plans. Subscriptions are a less expensive alternative for regular attendees, and they help support the team.

SportPractices per WeekMonthly Plan Rate
All Sports (Unlimited)Unlimited$140/month
All Sports (2/week)2$115/month
Artistic Swimming1$75/month
Speed Swimming1$75/month
Water Polo1$75/month
Subscription Fees

Financial Assistance

Swimmers in need of financial assistance are encouraged to apply for a Paul Fortoul Fellowship. This Fellowship was created precisely for those who could not otherwise afford participation. Please apply!