Please remember to renew your membership with your U.S. Masters Swimming before attending any practices in 2021! For more information on our practices in 2021, see our Reopening Practice Schedule page here. We also running our holiday season programming and year-end closeout right now.

We want to thank everyone for your understanding as we work through this pandemic. We are excited to announce that Sacred Heart will host our first reopening lap swim practice Saturday, October 3. Unfortunately, we do not have any water polo, diving or synchronized swimming practices on the calendar yet, but we are working on bring back those practices as soon as possible. Our other pools have not yet reopened for rental clients at this time (details also below).

There are a number of important COVID policies and procedures at Sacred Heart to ensure social distancing. We follow these policies and procedures in order to remain in good standing, so we kindly ask that you familiarize yourselves with the Sacred Heart COVID Policies & Procedures. You can also mark your calendars with the full list of Sacred Heart practices on our calendar through November 21. If you have any questions about reopening, including the current process to become a member, feel free to reach out to us at: mail@tnya.org

Upcoming Virtual Events & New Member Information Sessions

Thank you to everyone that joined us for our Virtual Annual Awards Banquet & Holiday Party on Thursday, December 17. We are also in the planning our Annual Full Membership Meeting, which is usually held in-person in January, but we are exploring options to hold the meeting virtually. Thank you to everyone that attended our virtual information session & social events since March. A special thank you to everyone that attended our Welcome Committee Information Sessions for those interested in joining our team. Check this page frequently for updates on future virtual events. If you would like to join our team, or if you have any questions about upcoming events, feel free to reach out to us at: mail@tnya.org

Even though IGLA 2021 (2021 International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics Championships) has been cancelled, the Federation of the Gay Games is still scheduled to host the 2022 IGLA Championships in conjunction with Gay Games in Hong Kong in November 2022. The Gay Games 2022 Organizing Committee invites everyone to watch the YouTube video of their webinar held on Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 7pm Hong Kong Time (6am New York Time). The Organizing Committee also encourages everyone to fill out the Gay Games 2022 Survey. For general information about Gay Games 2022, visit their website at: www.gghk2022.com

Other Aquatics Sports & Practice Locations

We will monitor these lap swimming practices over the next few weeks. There is a possibility of splitting the pool with another sport in order to get as many teams in the water as possible. We are exploring options for water polo, synchro and LPZ. Check this page frequently for updates.

For our athletes who do not typically attend workouts at Sacred Heart, please see the below updates on our other practice facilities:

  • Baruch College has a plan for re-opening, but is working through the CUNY System protocol in order to re-open. There is no timeline as to when this will be finalized.
  • Columbia University has shut down Dodge Fitness Center until the Fall of 2021.
  • John Jay College will not be available until January 2021 at the earliest, and always subject to change.
  • Long Island University has suspended outside rentals indefinitely and will only be providing aquatic programming for their students, faculty and staff.

If anyone has connections with open pools in the city or outside of the city in the metro area, feel free to connect our management with your contact so that we can run additional practices. Management can be contacted at: mail@tnya.org



Upcoming Virtual Meetings & Information Sessions

We will be providing more details about reopening when a firm date is set to restart our practices. To prepare for reopening, we have scheduled a series of virtual meetings and virtual information sessions:

  • Staff Meeting (for Coaches) on Monday, September 21 starting at 7pm
  • Swim Team Meeting on Tuesday, September 22 starting at 7pm
  • Synchro Team Meeting on Wednesday, September 23 starting at 7pm

We will also be holding another Welcome Committee Information Session for new members in the next month (exact date not yet scheduled). Please note that we already held team meetings for water polo and diving over the summer. If you would like to attend any of these meetings, or if you have any questions about reopening (including water polo or diving), feel free to reach out to us at: mail@tnya.org

Upcoming In-Person Gatherings & Social Events

To celebrate indoor pools reopening, we are having our first in-person social event (with social distancing) in the park of the year at Central Park on Sunday, September 27 starting at 2pm. The meeting point will be at the Sheep Meadow directly across from Tavern on the Green. Wear your team branded gear! BYOB (bring your own beverage)! No RSVP is required. If you any questions about our social events, or want to help plan future social events, feel free to reach out to us at: mail@tnya.org


On Friday, September 18, Mayor De Blasio announced that indoor pools in New York City will be allowed to reopen starting September 30, subject to strict occupancy limits at 33% of normal capacity. Standard Department of Health and Mental Hygiene inspections will continue to promote compliance with all New York State regulations. For the full statement, see the full press release on the city’s website.