Major News Updates & Upcoming Events (in chronological order):

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Full List of Upcoming Special Events, Social Gatherings and Registration Deadlines (in chronological order):

*Events also listed on our Facebook page here.

This is not an exhaustive list of upcoming events. You can find more events under the IGLA umbrella on the IGLA Online Event Calendar. You can find a list of all upcoming US Masters Swimming-sanctioned swim meets in the ClubAssistant Database of Upcoming Masters Swim Meets. You can find a list of all USA Water Polo-sanctioned events on the USA Water Polo’s Online Event Calendar. You can find a list of all USA Diving-sanctioned events on the USA Diving Online Event Calendar. You can find a list of all USA Synchronized Swimming-sanctioned events on the USA Synchronized Swimming Online Event Calendar.

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Throughout the year, we hold a number of special events, which include our monthly happy hour, our annual swim meet, our annual water polo tournament, and other athletic events, social events, community building, community engagement and community service.

Our team’s special events and social events generally include: our annual general meeting, our annual fundraiser (One Hour Swim) in the winter; our Annual Training Camp, an annual swim meet (Aquapalooza), and annual water polo tournament (Holedrive) in the spring; picnics and beach days (such as our Asbury Park Icebreaker and Central Park picnics) in the summer; and our annual awards banquet at the end of the year. We also have a monthly happy hour. In addition to our own fundraising efforts, we have participated in other fundraising efforts as well (such as the AIDS Walk), volunteered with Heritage of Pride during pride month, and built community through networking events like Jockathon.

This year, we are hosting the 2019 International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics Championships (IGLA 2019) June 23-29 during NYC Pride, WorldPride 2019, and Stonewall50. Because we are hosting the premier international LGBTQ+ aquatics competition this year, we will not be hosting our normal annual swim meet and water polo tournament in the spring of 2019. More information about IGLA 2019 is available here.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our events, contact our Event Planning Committee here.