Youth Diving in New York City

You must be at least 21 years old to participate in TNYA’s diving program. But if you’re under 21, there are options.

Stefanos Tzivopoulos is an Olympic athlete (and TNYA Diving’s Co-Coach!). He also coaches gymnastics at Chelsea Piers, and is forming a youth diving program. Cross-disciplinary training is essential for long-term athletic development, and there is immense cross-over between diving and gymnastics skills.

Rip City Diving is run by Columbia Diving Coach and Olympic Silver Medalist Scott Donie and Rachel Flax. They have a superior program, with lots of practices throughout the week.

Harry Klug is an excellent coach with a keen eye for technical details. His Sunday practices are at St. Francis College in downtown Brooklyn.

Kelley Durkin is a stellar coach and leads PureDive New York. The longest-running diving coach in NY and Connecticut, she offers local workouts on the Upper East Side and Long Island as well as in Flushing Meadows, Queens, and Westchester. Her team (ranked at No. 8 in the country) has divers at beginner levels through US Junior Olympics qualifiers.

You can also search for clubs through USA Diving and the AAU Club Locator.

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