Diving FAQ

I’m new, I have no experience. Can I still join?
Absolutely! Everyone progresses at their own pace. Our practices are a great mix of experience levels which helps foster team spirit and learning.

Are there lessons just for beginners?
Our practices aim to address all skill levels. Most of our divers are new, so beginners won’t feel overwhelmed. We do offer a Diving Bootcamp to initiate new divers into the fold. Bootcamp is a great opportunity for people to learn technique and skills very quickly.

What do we learn at bootcamp?
The goal of the bootcamp is to equip you with the skills and the vocabulary to begin diving. The workshops are done on dry land. The workouts will build strength and dexterity. You’ll learn the components of the forward and back approach, a little about the physics of diving, and proper form. We also cover injury prevention (pre-hab) with 3 different kinds of stretching and when to use each one during your workouts.

Is it dangerous to dive?
When done correctly, diving is a fun and enjoyable sport. However, there is risk of catastrophic injury. We reduce the chance for injury with a mandatory 1/2 hour warmup before each practice. We require that you read and sign a waiver, acknowledging that you understand the risks involved.

What equipment should I bring to practice?
You’ll need a speedo-style swimsuit. Board-shorts on men are not helpful. Bikinis are a bad idea; women will want a one-piece swimsuit. Aside from that, it’s helpful to have a shammy or similar dry-towel. Shorts and a shirt for the warm-up are ok, but not necessary.

I swim with TNYA, can I dive?
Absolutely! However, you’ll need to join USADiving as well. See the join diving page for more info.

I dove in high-school/college, can I join?
Absolutely! We have teammates who dove at all levels of competition. Whether you’re looking to ease back into the sport you love, or eager to compete again, we welcome you to dive with us. See the join diving page for more info.

I’m not interested in competing, can I still join?
Absolutely! Everyone has their own goals. We will work with you to achieve them.

I’m very interested in competing, how can I compete with TNYA?
Excellent! Our team is growing and we want to dominate the LGBT Diving world! Speak to Coach Croft about competitions.

What’s IGLA?
IGLA is the annual competition for LGBT swimming, diving, water polo, and synchro swimming. In 2011, it was held in Honolulu, Hawai’i. TNYA had the most divers of all the teams and brought home 3 Gold Medals, and 1 Silver! In 2012, IGLA will be held in Reykjavic, Iceland.

Are private lessons available?
Currently, we do not offer private lessons. The expense of pool time makes it prohibitive. We do offer periodical clinics to cover any themes that need to be addressed. In August we offered a Mental Preparedness Training workshop. We hope to have more based on need and interest.

Do I have to be LGBT (or QQIAAP) to join?
Nope. We are an all-inclusive team with a robust antidiscrimination policy. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind. We encourage all divers to join us. We are here to have fun, compete, develop new skills and challenge ourselves.