Photo Credit: IGLA Championships in Hawai’i in the Summer of 2011 (NOTE: The gigantic platform diving boards that you see in the pictures above are 10-meter (33 feet), are not 3-meter springboards).

TNYA began its diving program in spring 2011, and over the succeeding decade competed with great success at the IGLA and Gay Games competitions around the world.

We regret that in the aftermath of COVID-19 and continued restrictions on the use of suitable pools in the NYC metropolitan area, TNYA has not been in a position to hold regular diving practices. We are optimistic about restoring diving practices in 2024, and continue to support our members with interest in diving competitions.

While we continue to search for a new home for our diving practices, we encourage our members, and anyone else interested in diving in the local area, to practice with the New York Diving Club at Fordham University (Rose Hill (Bronx) Campus): run by former Chinese Olympic Diving Coach Zhihua Hu (now Fordham University’s Head Diving Coach), is a USA Diving/AAU Diving program open to all ages, including youth (under the age of 18). For more information, visit New York Diving Club’s website at: www.nydiving.com

There are other diving programs in our local metro area, such as the youth diving program at Asphalt Green, which is only open to youth (under the age of 18).  You can search for other USA Diving/AAU Diving clubs through the USA Diving website and the AAU Diving website.

For more information about our diving program, feel free to contact us.