Our intermediate swim clinic, Low Pressure Zone, will be offered at the Brooklyn Bedford-Union Armory Major R. Owens Health & Wellness Community Center in Crown Heights every Wednesday starting at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to join our clinics at the Brooklyn Armory. We are excited to announce that the Brooklyn Armory is now open and hosting our practices in their brand new pool! Our practice offerings are also changing in Manhattan in November. To see all of our practice offerings in Manhattan and Brooklyn, see our practice schedule calendar.

All smiles here from some of our clinic students and financial aid & financial assistance program recipients. Thank you Leonard-Litz LGBTQ Foundation (Paul Fortoul Fellowship Program), U.S. Masters Swimming (Adult Learn-to-Swim Program) & Heritage of Pride (NYC Pride) (Low Pressure Zone) for your support.



Our Beginners’ Swim Clinics (USMS Adult Learn-to-Swim Program) & USMS Fitness Series Fundraisers:

We are excited to announce that, in April, we were awarded a grant from U.S. Masters Swimming & USA Swimming Foundation to fund Adult Learn-to-Swim lessons! We plan to offer subsidized Adult Learn-to-Swim lessons, our beginner’s swimming clinics, starting July 1! If you do not know how to swim, this program is for you! If you are interested in volunteering to support our Adult Learn-to-Swim program this year, please reach out to us at: mail@tnya.org

We encourage our members and the greater aquatics community to support the USMS Adult Learn-to-Swim grant program through the USMS & Swim.com Fitness Series Fundraisers. We participated in the USMS & Swim.com Summer Fitness Challenge (ran June 1-15) and we will also participate in the USMS & Swim.com Fall Fitness Challenge (registration now open & challenge runs October 1-15). If you want more information about participating in the fitness challenge as a TNYA member, please reach out to us at: mail@tnya.org


Our Intermediate Swim Clinics (Low Pressure Zone):

We are proud to announce the return to our schedule of Low Pressure Zone (LPZ) workouts (intermediate swim clinics) at Sacred Heart starting on April 13. Early last year before COVID lockdown, we applied for a grant for Heritage of Pride (NYC Pride) to fund this program. We are honored that Heritage of Pride awarded funding to bring this workout to intermediate swimmers, with an emphasis on those who have historically been excluded from pool access, including communities of color. We had to wait for over a year to launch the program due to COVID, but it was worth the wait. This workout is designed for intermediate swimmers with basic skills (floating, treading water, rhythmic breathing, freestyle, etc.) to learn new technique with the goal to be able to join a masters level workout. For more information, visit our LPZ information page here.

For more information about our clinics and training programs, see our full list of clinics and training programs here.

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