From May 1, 2024, TNYA will be increasing fees for each subscription type from between $3 and $10 per month.

Subscription/PassBefore May 1 Monthly PriceAfter May 1 Monthly PriceAfter May 1 $ Per Practice 
Unlimited (4x+/wk) MonthlyNA$185.00$11.56
*New 3x/wk Monthly$160.00*$168.00$14.00
2x/wk Monthly$130.00$137.00$17.13
1x/wk Monthly$90.00$95.00$23.75
5-Practice Pass$125.00$135.00$27.00
Pay Per Practice$30.00$33.00$33.00

Statistically, 95% of unlimited subscribers are attending 3 or fewer practices per week, and so we believe the proper comparator for the new 3x per week subscription is the “old” unlimited price. The new Unlimited is based on the assumption that you work out 4x or more per week.

In addition:

  • All subscriptions and passes now buy access to all sports. That means if you buy a 1x week subscription, you can attend water polo practice one week and swim practice the next week.
  • We have created a new 3x per week monthly pass for those who want more than 2 workouts but don’t need an unlimited subscription. Unlimited’s per-practice price is now based on a 4x per week practice assumption.
  • Mindbody has a bug where you cannot sign up for practices that take place after your subscription has auto-renewed. While we wait for Mindbody to fix this problem, we have created a special 6-month contract for unlimited and 3x/wk subscribers that will give you this particular headache only twice per year instead of 12 times per year.

We regret that these new fees are between $3 and $10 higher than in 2023. As we noted in the annual meeting in February, pool costs in New York City have skyrocketed; our cheapest pool, John Jay, has increased its pool fees 75% since 2018. Even with this fee increase, we have only passed on 30% of our increased costs to members in the form of increased fees, and our $75 membership fee will remain unchanged. These fee increases are necessary for us to continue to maintain a balanced budget and raise enough capital to expand practice times and pool locations.

While we regret the price increase, we are proud that TNYA is still by far the least expensive adult aquatics team in New York City

The Board is doing everything in our power to lower costs and expand practices. We are acutely aware that the cost of living crisis is hurting everyone on the team; our latest Fortoul fellowship round requested more than 200% of our available funds. Extensive modeling convinced us that these changes were absolutely necessary to keep TNYA solvent and functioning.