Grab your sunscreen and pack your speedo — TNYA’s annual swim camp returning to Palm Springs, California from March 29 to April 4!

Our week at the wonderful facilities of the Palm Springs Aquatics Center will give you a chance to build conditioning, hang out with a great bunch of folks, and get a tan that will make your snowbound friends back home seethingly jealous.

Online registration is open now!

The Basics

  • Swimmers arrive at the latest by noon on Sunday, March 29th so that they can check-in, and acclimate, before the first workout.
  • The first practice is on Sunday, March 29th. Swimmers will have recommended lanes but there may be some shuffling to make sure all swimmers are comfortable with their lane assignments.
  • Monday through Friday will mostly be “two-a-days,” with a practice in the morning and a practice in the early evening. You’ll have time to grab a long lunch and check out the beach, or nap, most days.
  • Social events and swimming skills workshops will be scheduled throughout the week.
  • The morning of Saturday, April 4th will be our final swim and the end of official activities.

What to Expect

  • Camp is for everyone Regardless of skill level, there will be a lane and coaching for you. If you want to train to compete, we will have excellent coaching staff to give you guidance. If you’re new or need help with basic techniques, we have 4-5 clinics planned. If you want to have fun, there is a suite of activities planned. Our coaches were selected because of their skill coaching at all levels of skill, and for the significant preparation they have already done in developing amazing workouts.
  • Team building is a major focus Practices and events are built to encourage it. Camp is a great way to really get to know the team (and not just your lane). After practice many people go grab lunch along the beach or head back to their rooms to chow down on groceries they have waiting for them before hanging out at the beach with other swimmers.
  • We want to hear about your personal goals Do you want to learn how to swim butterfly? Maybe perfect your breaststroke pull-out? Break a minute 100m freestyle? If you don’t tell us we can’t help you achieve it! Tell us what you’re hoping to get out of your swim camp experience.
  • Our goal is to make sure you’re happy you came All we ask is that when you’re at a practice, you try your best. Skipping is ok, but do try to make the most of your swim-cation. And if something isn’t working, please talk to us! None of us bite…well, unless asked 😉


Due to the high cost of the Palm Springs hotels, we are encouraging the team to book through Airbnb or a similar service (ex. VRBO, Flipkey). We will not have a designated team hotel this year.