Upcoming Events

March 2018

Mar 18 - Mar 24 Swim Camp!

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Train hard, hang out, get a tan that will make your co-workers seethingly jealous. More details coming soon.

May 2018

May 19 Aquapalooza IV

Lehman College, Bronx; SCM. Our every-two-years extravaganza returns for a day of aquatic excellence, bracketed by social fabulousness. Register online now, or, for full details; see the event page.

May 26 - May 27 Holedrive VIII

Columbia University. Our annual water polo tournament returns! For more information, see the holedrive page.

August 2018

Aug 4 - Aug 12 Gay Games X

Paris, France. We’re sending a whole lot of people this time. Be a part of it. Online registration has begun.

Other Sources: While we try to be thorough, this calendar can’t possibly list all the meets you might ever want to attend. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, try visiting the calendar pages maintained by Metro LMSC, Metro Tri, IGLA, and USMS.

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