TNYA Spotlight: Mark D’Ambrosi

Mark D'AmbrosiOur first ever “Teenya of the Month” is Mark D’Ambrosi. Mark has been swimming with TNYA since September 2005 and has shown a stellar amount of Teenya spirit. Have you ever wondered how our bills get paid, or who updates and checks twice which Teenyas are registered and subscribed, or who keeps records of attendance, or who has to wade through emails from disgruntled swimmers? Well, now you know. Mark D’Ambrosi uses his formidable skills as a professional accountant to administer the finances and day-to-day operations of TNYA and a significant portion of that work is contributed to TNYA gratis. Next time you see Mark in the pool or at a TNYA event, please let Mark know how much you appreciate his efforts and contribution as our team administrator.

Thanks, Mark!