TNYA Spotlight: Lisa Gilson

Lisa GilsonThe Board is very pleased to announce that Lisa Gilson has been selected as or TNYA of the month! Lisa began her swim career at the ageof 6, debuting with NYC’s Sandpiper Swim Team. The Sandpipers practiced at the Asser Levy pool, the former municipal bathhouse on 23rd street that was built to serve the neighborhood in 1908. It was at that facility where Lisa spent much of her burgeoning swimming career, focusing on backstroke and consistently losing events to one of her many sisters.

Lisa’s second swim team, the Lane Lions, was also headquartered at the Asser Levy pool. (The name was an homage to the sculptural feline that graces the middle lane of the pool.) Coached by our own Sue Murray, Lisa was finally ready for the big leagues, swimming with YWCA’s Masters team (and coached by Conrad Johnson, our longtime head coach) before settling down happily with TNYA. Lisa has not lost a race to one of her sisters since!

Lisa has served on the TNYA board, did a two-year tour-of-duty as the team announcer, and now serves as a professional gatekeeper. She can be found behind a clipboard at most TNYA events, or still hanging out at the Asser Levy pool.

Please joing us in thanking Lisa for her service to the team and her amazing attitude.