TNYA Spotlight: Josh Judge

Josh JudgeThe Board of Directors is happy to name Josh Judge as our latest Teenya of the Month. Josh is a relatively recent addition both to TNYA and to swimming, but he’s stepped up on numerous occasions to help organize team social functions — like the Aquapalooza afterparty and all the team’s social events at Swim Camp 2012. And he’s not even on the board of directors! He says he looks forward to helping out with more social functions in the future.

Josh grew up in a small town in East Texas without a pool or swim club, so he got his first taste of swimming when he joined TNYA about 3 1/2 years ago. And since then, he’s jumped into the sport with both feet, working hard to improve his technique and his times. In the last few years he’s gone to represent TNYA at Gay Games Cologne, various local meets, IGLA Hawaii, and most recently, USMS 2012 Spring Nationals in Greensboro, NC.   He’s also finished the Stonewall Open Water Swim twice and has just finished his 4th consecutive TNYA swim camp.

Thank you, Josh, for your enthusiasm and energy.

(Oh, and if you have an idea for a fun thing we could do between practices, why not pass it along to our social chairs? You can reach them at