TNYA Spotlight: Elisabeth Turnbull-Brown

ETBIf there is one thing that I’m certain about, it’s that the December 2011 Teenya of the Month is one of our most widely and consistently beloved team members. I’m not sure if it’s her no-holds-barred humour, her willingness to offer her home at a moment’s notice, her ability to drink us all under the table, her service as a past board member, her enthusiastic participation in pretty much every TNYA event, or just that she is a wonderful person that any one of us can call a friend. The board is very pleased to announce that Elisabeth Turnbull-Brown (you know, Mad Max, kangaroos, and down under) is the December 2011 of the Month.

Elisabeth joined us in 2006 after moving to NYC to work at the UN. A swimmer since a small child, she came to us upon the recommendation of a member of her university swim team and she’s been rounding out our relay teams ever since. We were sad to lose her for a bit when she went off to tropical Cambodia to work for a year, but she’s made it back home and we couldn’t be more thrilled. A special shout out goes to Phil, Elisabeth’s awesome and supportive husband, who we are just as pleased to have in our Teenya family.

Thanks Elisabeth! You know that we absolutely adore you, but we want to say it anyway.