TNYA Spotlight: Chris Politan

Chris PolitanOn the heels of a very impressive showing by TNYA at the IGLA Championships in Honolulu, the Board is very happy to announce that the July Teenya of the Month is our “competition coach”:/about/leadership.html extraordinaire Christopher Barrett Politan.

Anyone who has ever attended a workout coached by Christopher, or was present at any of our recent swim meets, will understand why the Board has so enthusiastically chosen Christopher for this prestigious title. Christopher has been a member of the TNYA family since the fall of 2006 (when we managed to steal him from DCAC). Christopher coached two workouts a week from the fall of 2007 through the spring of 2009. The Board specifically approached Christopher to serve as competition coach because of his unique talents, larger-than-life personality, and demonstrated dedication to making TNYA the best it can be. Christopher brings a boundless energy and expert knowledge to both practices and competitions. By all accounts, Christopher is the perfect fit for the competition coach position and we feel extremely lucky to have him as a part of our community. In addition to Christopher’s contributions to TNYA in recent years, Christopher previously served on the board of IGLA, as co-chair during the Gay Games Chicago in 2006, as co-president in 2007 for Paris, and as secretary from 2008-2010. TNYA is a constituent member of IGLA.

Thank you, Coach Christopher, for all of your support and contributions to our community! You continue to amaze us.