TNYA Spotlight: Alexandra Curtis

Alexandra and her team, 1996The board is very pleased to name Alexandra Curtis our latest Teenya of the Month.

As you all know, the water polo team recently held a very successful fundraiser, garnering enough money to buy the team its own goal, plus additional supplies. The success of the event was a true team effort, and everyone who donated time, space, or money is to be thanked.

Lots of stories that came out of the party — most of them not appropriate for team announcements. However, this one is: funds for the goal, the entire goal, were donated by Alexandra Curtis. Here’s what she said to us:

I would like to make a donation on behalf of my parents, Susan and Colin Dunston.

I grew up in Australia, from a long line of strong swimmers. When my school introduced Water Polo, my parents encouraged me to try this — something different that I could make my own. Despite some resistance, this new venture was met with great success!

I went on to captain my school team; represented my state at a national level; became a coach, and then a referee during my university years — a few ripped swimsuits and broken noses along the way but many fond memories in between.

I spent many hours in the pool at home treading water (with Mum on timer) and throwing a ball back and forth with my Dad. My parents spent a lot of time driving back and forth to games and training, as well as cheering and supporting on the sidelines — on one memorable occasion being asked to leave for being too vocal!

So this donation is for my parents, who encouraged me to always try something new and encourage others to do the same.

It is also a thank you to TNYA, who have been instrumental in getting me back in the pool. I had not swam since moving to the US 5 years ago with my husband, it has been a friendly and encouraging environment.

I hope this donation enables the team to grow and shoot many goals in the future!

Alexandra also provided the picture attached, and the commentary: “I am the last one on the far right. There is no excuse for the coach’s shorts!”

Please join us in thanking Alexandra for her generosity. Want to try out the new goal? Check out our water polo squad.