Team New York Aquatics (TNYA) is seeking part-time coaches to lead 1-2 90-minute workouts a week at a rate of $35/workout.

TNYA is a New York City-based aquatics club that welcomes athletes of every race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability, or status. In this spirit, any coach considering a position MUST be able to manage a diverse group of individuals with respect, dignity, and understanding. The team’s strength comes from its inclusive nature, and any coach needs to be able to foster an open and welcoming environment for all swimmers. People of color, women, transgender people, and people who have a demonstrated commitment to and familiarity with LGBT issues are encouraged to apply.

1. Responsibilities

  • Prepare a weekly workout in advance of practice, taking into account the varying skill levels of the swimmers as well as feedback from the swimmers, coaches committee, and ensuring workouts are clearly communicated to the swimmers by the coaching staff
  • Follow the yearly training calendar as provided by the coaches committee, taking into consideration the various levels of commitment and goals of both competitive and non-competitive swimmers
  • Foster a welcoming environment for new swimmers with the goal of retaining swimmers who come to TNYA for a free trial week of practice
  • Provide feedback to swimmers to help improve performance or technique from beginner to advanced swimmers, as well as, the ability re configure lanes and order of swimmers to ensure comfort of all participants.
  • Communicate pool closures, practice changes, upcoming competitions and social activities to swimmers by email and at the beginning of each workout

2. Requirements

  • The ideal candidate will ideally have at least 2 years of swim coaching experience either in age-groups or masters.  If not, coaches will be experienced swimmers, who have the skill sets outlined below.
  • Lifeguard certification may be required depending on coaching assignment.
  • Coaches must have a working knowledge of how to write a workout that aligns with current physical training methods for adults – no high-intensity training prior to sufficient warm-up, etc.

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