TNYA was founded in 1990 in preparation for Gay Games III in Vancouver. We welcome swimmers of every ability, sexual orientation, race, creed, status, and age (although you must be over 19, in keeping with US Masters regulations). Our membership now numbers over 500 swimmers, water-polo players, and divers of all levels of experience. Many of us train for fitness alone, challenging ourselves in workouts by pushing to exceed what we’ve been able to do in the past. Many others challenge their goals through rigorous competition, by regularly attending meets with the team. With our excellent coaching staff (all of whom are team members themselves), all members receive individual attention and encouragement. Please join us! Anyone with questions is welcome to get in touch with us; for specifics, see our contacts page.

TNYA and its coaching and managerial staff operate according to bylaws (PDF) approved by our membership. We require our membership to follow our member policies and code of conduct.