TNYA News and Updates

Learn the Basics of Water Polo Jan. 22

Coach Alex is leading a beginner’s water polo clinic, at 4:30 on Sunday, Jan. 22, at JJC. It’ll cover the basics of eggbeatering, passing and shooting, fouls, and how to set up an offense and defense. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend, but if you are totally unfamiliar with water polo, you might want to read this first.

posted Wednesday, Jan 18

The OHS Is Back — Sign Up Today

It’s time for “the best damn thing we do all year” — the One Hour Swim, coming January 7 at JJC and January 22 at Hostos. For full details, including information about our beneficiaries, hit the One Hour Swim page. Or cut to the chase and claim a spot in the pool right now.

posted Thursday, Dec 8

Mornings at JJC Return to Later Slot in 2017

Effective Jan. 3, our Tuesday and Thursday morning workouts at John Jay College will once again be held 6:30-8 AM. See you there.

posted Thursday, Dec 8

What Are Your Goals?

Your coaching staff wants to know what you want to accomplish in this year’s swimming, diving, and open-water season, and they’ve created a form so you can let them know. Why not take a minute right now to fill it out?

posted Thursday, Jul 17

A Friendly Reminder

Please remember that the only diving that should happen at a swim practice is off the blocks, under direct coach supervision. In other words, never, ever dive off the deck into the pool. Doing so violates our contract with our host facilities and also voids our liability coverage with USMS. Both of these things are bad and could put this team in serious hot water. So please — don’t. Yes, even you.

Diving at diving practice is, of course, encouraged. But even then you have to do it off the boards.

posted Thursday, Jul 17

Help the Fortoul Fellowships Help Your Teammates

The recession may be over, but TNYA is seeing plenty of swimmers swim less — or stop swimming altogether — for purely financial reasons. The team’s Fortoul Fellowship program is there to help prevent that from happening; but for it to do so, it needs your help.

If you still have a job, please consider making a donation to the Fortoul Fellowship. Perhaps a bit of that tax refund, the savings from a few bypassed cosmos or the proceeds from your recent eBay sale could be directed to this worthy cause. Please bear in mind that decreased attendance at practices could cause our current luxurious schedule of 19 swim workouts per week in 4 pools to undergo downsizing. And nobody wants that, do they?

The board is currently making plans to raise funds for the Fellowship in new, long-term ways. Stay tuned for future developments. But until that produces some revenue, we are asking for your help to see us through the next couple of quarters. Contributions to the Fellowship go 100% to helping swimmers and are fully tax-deductible. There are no administrative costs.

To make a contribution, e-mail Team Admin Mark D’Ambrosi and let him know how much you’d like to donate — it will be charged against the credit card we have on file. You can also hand a check made out to TNYA, with “Fortoul Fellowship” in the memo line, to a gatekeeper to send in for you.

posted Thursday, Jul 17