Upcoming Events

May 2015

May 2 Tea Party 6 Swim Meet

Boston, MA; SCY. Hosted by our friends at Liquid Assets New England Swimming, this should be a good time. Registration and full details are online now at the official website.

May 14 TNYA Swim Fashion Show

7PM. Raise money for the team, have some drinks, ogle people in swimwear. More details coming soon.

June 2015

Jun 13 Asbury Icebreaker

Asbury Park, NJ; 2 mi/1 mi/0.5 mi. More details coming soon, but for now, save the date — we’re hosting our first open-water swim event! And it will coincide with the annual Asbury Park Weekend, which means fun will be had.

August 2015

Aug 5 - Aug 9 IGLA 2015

Stockholm, Sweden. This year’s International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics Championships will be held as part of the EuroGames, so you know it’s going to be a blast. Online registration is now open.

Other Sources: While we try to be thorough, this calendar can’t possibly list all the meets you might ever want to attend. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, try visiting the calendar pages maintained by Metro LMSC, Metro Tri, IGLA, and USMS.

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